Where can I host my MySQL database?

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You can either host your database as part of a regular shared web hosting packing or rent/run your own (virtual) server. Of course, having your server will offer you more performance in terms of speed, while the shared web hosting package will be cheaper. In general your hosting solution must permit external access to the database via ODBC. Please check this with your provider first. If you have your own server you can set the settings for external access yourself.

Additionally, your solution must provide a daily backup feature of your MySQL database to minimize the risk of data loss.

Recommend providers for renting a (virtual) server (should be located in your country):

Recommend providers for hosting your database as part of a shared web hosting package:
www.all-inkl.com (German) -> external access possible in all web hosting packages (please verify again)
www.a2hosting.com (international/USA) -> external access possible from Lite web hosting package (please verify again)

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