02 Key steps for setting up the software

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First, please install the software.

  1. Adding a company and ca lientWhen starting the software for the first time, you will be prompted to add a company and a client in order to be able to create services, quotes, jobs and invoices.
  2. Changing your login details
    In the top area of the main menu, click on user profile and change your name and password.
  3. Adding translators
    If you wish to outsource jobs, you need to add translators to your database, including language pair and rates
  4. Backing up your data
    Please ensure a reliable backup routine (see article on data backup).
  5. Customizing your quote and invoice templates
    Tailor your templates to your individual needs (see article on formatting in category Quotes, jobs and invoices).
  6. Changing your standard preferences (rates, IDs etc.)
    Please enter your default values in the default values form (see article on default values). You can also enter customer specific rates etc. in the customer form.
  7. User rights in multi-user mode
    Specifiy the user rights in the View / Search / Edit users form.
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