How can I use the MySQL database offline in my LAN/on my PC?

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If you are using your Tradumanager with a MySQL database and would like to run the database in you local network or on your pc, you can do that with the help of the free Apache webserver XAMPP. XAMPP gives you all the features of a standard server, including MySQL, phpMyAdmin etc. Of course you can also access the locally hosted database from other PCs in your network.

First, please donwload the XAMPP installer: (Download -> Xampp -> Installer).

Execute the installation file and install XAMPP to c:\xampp (or another directory). The XAMPP Control Panel starts automatically after installation.



The XAMPP Control Panel tells you which modules are currently running.


To work with your MySQL database it’s required to run the Apache Webserver and MySQL.

You can check if your server is properly running by typing “http://localhost/” into your browser.


On the left click on phpMyAdmin. In phpMyAdmin click on Databases and create a new database. Then select your newly created database and click on Import in the top menu. (Before importing your database, you must have exported your online database into a sql file; click here to open the article on creating a database backup). To start the import click on Ok.

After importing the sql file, you need to change the connection settings in your Tradumanager.

Database server: localhost
Database name: Name of your local database
User: root
Password: empty

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