05 FOR AGENCIES ONLY: Setting up your MySQL database

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If you wish to store your data in a MySQL database, there are only a few steps to follow in order to setup your configuration.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you can work with a MySQL database, you need to make sure that your hosting provider permits remote access to your MySQL database via ODBC. Please also make sure that the MySQL ODBC Connector is installed on your computer (included in the MySQL demo). If the connector is not installed, please download it in the Download section (it must be version 5.1.7).

  • Login to your management tool (e.g. confixx) of your database hosting provider and create a new MySQL database (or directly in phpMyAdmin if you have the rights).
  • Select your newly created database in phpMyAdmin.
  • Click on Import and choose the SQL file you have received from us.
  • Click on OK to start the import process.

Now you have to setup the connection in your Tradumanager by clicking on Connection settings in the Login window. Here, you need to enter the database server, the database name, user and password.

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