07 Formatting quote and invoice templates in Word

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By default quotes and invoices are opened in MS Word. For this process, Tradumanager uses different template files with which users can define the appearance of quotes/invoices. The files’ path/storage location is specified in the company details form. Quote and invoice data are automatically inserted into bookmarks, the variables in the Word template files.

Bookmarks can be formatted as required, e.g. you can change the font type, size and color. You can also delete bookmarks or replace them by standard text. This text then appears as defined in the template file and will not be replaced with data from the Tradumanager database.

Show bookmarks / variables

If you do not see the brackets around the text in Word, you need to change the viewing settings in Word:

1. Click File > Options > Advanced.
2. Under Show document content select Show bookmarks and click OK.

Bookmarks appear in brackets ([…]) on the screen (see image).

Saving quotes and invoices
Issued quotes and invoices can be printed or saved as pdf or word (without macro) files.

Inserting a logo / graphic
You can insert graphics and backgrounds as required. For help please browse to the Microsoft help article on inserting and positioning graphics in Word documents.

Important notes on formatting (!!)
– Do not add a second page or table.
– Do not delete/combine/add table lines or cells.
– By changing the height of the line below the table’s headline you can define the overall height of the table.
– You can download the latest unformatted template files that are included in the installation files in the download section

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