06 TYPICAL PROCESS: Converting a job into an invoice

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After completing your translating project you can invoice your project by clicking on Convert into invoice in the main menu. The newly created invoice can be issued in several languages. At the top right corner you will now see how the new invoice influences your monthly result (sales, profits etc.).

Opening an invoice in Word
By default invoices are issued/opened in Word for which the Tradumanager uses a template file specified in your company details form. If Word is not installed on your PC, you can choose to open quotes and invoices internally in the same form. Formatting the different template files is covered in another article. Invoices opend in Word can be printed or saved as PDF or Word (without macro) file.

Keeping your job after invoice creation
In some cases you wish to issue an invoice without deleting the job. Click on Convert job into invoice and then on the wheel symbol next to the List jobs by customer button. Activate the box and “convert” the job. You will notice that the job is still there even though the invoice has been created. Later you can delete the job manually or you will be asked to delete the job if you try to convert it again.

Attaching jobs to (monthly) invoice
Often translators issue monthly invoices containing several jobs performed in the last month. Select the job you wish to attach to an existing invoice and then click on the down arrow at the bottom of the form to select the invoice.

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