04 TYPICAL PROCESS: Creating a quote

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In order to create a quote, you need to add at least one service (e.g. a translation).

Creating a quote
After adding a service, click on Create in the quote section of the main menu. Choose your customer and select the services you wish to include in the quote. Then click on Create quote.

You can now open the quote by clicking on the desired language in the main menu and entering the quote ID which has been displayed when creating the quote – to look up the quote ID you can also open the View / Search /Edit quote form.

Opening a quote in Word
By default quotes are issued/opened in Word for which the Tradumanager uses a template file specified in your company details form. If Word is not installed on your PC, you can choose to open quotes and invoices internally in the same form. Formatting the different template files is covered in another article.
Quotes opend in Word can be printed or saved as PDF or Word (without macro) file.

Order confirmation
This feature is helpful if you want your customer to sign your quote. You can issue a quote with a corresponding signature section by clicking on the desired language at the bottom left corner in the main menu.

Changing a quote
In the View / Search / Edit quotes form you can change a quote after creation. Here you can also remove services from the quote and add services.

Click on Unconfirmed quotes in the main menu to display all quotes which have not yet been confirmed by your customers and thus not converted into a job/invoice.

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