03 Repetitions/matches (Adding a service)

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This feature allows you to grant your customers discounts on repetitions/matches and to show these on quotes and invoices.

Defining standard match-types / discounts & customer specific paramaters
To use your standard match types and discounts you can store them in the Default values form. In the customer form, you also enter customer specific values that will be drawn into the Add service form as soon as you select the respective customer.

Calculating with repetitions / matchesGo into the Add service form. Select a customer and click on the Edit button next to the number of words or lines. Now you change the given match types and discounts and enter your units. The units will be multiplied with the corresponding discounts – the sum of which is the weighted total of words or lines.

Allocating translations with repetitions /matches
If you wish to allocate a translation including repetitions / matches, Tradumanager will automatically insert an overview table with match types and discounts into the generated assignment email. You can define where you this overview to be displayed in the Default values form (Email body for translator assignment / not flat flee) with the variable {matches_table}.

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