02 Defining different types of services

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With different types of services you can define for which service you would like to display 1) the language pair, 2) the price per unit and 3) the units next to the service title on quotes and invoices (the title field size will grow/shrink accordingly).

For instance, you wish to display all information (language pair etc.) for translations, but no additional information for postal charges.

Selecting the type of service
You can choose the required type of service from the drop down menu in the Add Services form.

Defining a new service type / changing existing service types
Click on Edit next to the service type drop down in the Add Services form. By ticking the respective boxes you can define which information is to be displayed.
In order to define a new service type, simply enter a title into the table at the bottom – then you can define which information to show via the boxes.

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