01 TYPICAL PROCESS: Adding a service

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Before you can create a quote or a job, you must add a service (for which you must have entered at least one customer and your company details). Click on Add (Services) in the top area of the main menu.

Basis for calculation
Now select the customer and specify the number of words/lines/minutes or standard pages. If you enter a number you also need to specify a price per unit. Alternatively, you can enter a flat fee.

Repetitions/matchesIf you like to enter repetitions/matches click on the button next to words or lines. A new area of the form is made visible where you enter the match types, discounts and units. The software will multiply the discounts and units and determine the total (weighted) units.

Now you can enter a service title and select the source and target languages.

Click on Save to store the service.

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