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In the default values form you can set standard values such as payment deadlines or your standard language combination that are automatically selected when adding a new service or creating a new invoice.
In addition, you can set start values for quotes, jobs, and invoices to continue your current IDs when you switch your project management to Tradumanager.
Further you can select different variables in the templates of the assignment emails for outsourcing work to service providers. When generating the emails these variables are replaced automatically with the corresponding job details.

Within Tradumanager you can define individual quote, job and invoice IDs, e.g. you could attach the current year to the corresponding ID (1123428-2014)).

Important note on the use of IDs within the software: Quote, jobs and invoices are only identified and addressed via their ID within the software. For instance, you only need to enter the ID (e.g. 11234) if you wish to issue a quote in Word instead of the entire ID composition as displayed on quotes, jobs and invoices in Word (e.g. 1123428-09-10-2014-COMPANY). The entire ID (as defined in the your default values forms) is thus only shown on quotes, jobs and invoices in Word.

Rules on formatting quote, job and invoice IDs:
– There are several variables available: X (this is the ID/number itself, which is mandatory), DD, MM, YY, YYYY, DDMM, MMYY, MMYYYY, DDMMYY, DDMMYYYY, SL>TL
– Variables need to be connected with – (e.g. X-DD)
– The hyphen – may only be used for connecting variabels
– Strings are possible if placed between “” (e.g. X-DD-“my String)

DDMMYYYY-X-“MY AGENCY” results into 09102014-412312-MY AGENCY

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