01 Creating data backups

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It is very important to regularly create backups of your data. Here you will learn how easy it is to to create backups.

(Go into you connection settings if you are not sure if you are storing your data in a local database file or in a MySQL database.)

For those working with a database file
For those who are working with a database file, their data is stored in a file called tradumanager_database.accdb. By default this file is located in the Tradumanager installation directory (z.B. c:\tradumanager). You should daily copy this file and store it in a safe place (e.g. on an external drive or in a cloud) in order to be able to restore your data if necesssary. In order to see the path to the database file click on Connections settings in the login form. You can also move this file to a cloud folder to have it always backed up and syncronized online (e.g. Dropbox). After moving the file you just need to specifiy the new path in your connection settings.

For those working with a MySQL database
At first, it is crucial to select an appropriate database hosting provider (or to set appropriate backup settings on your own server) to ensure that your database is automatically backed up regularly to be able to restore your data if necesssary. If you would to manually back up your database, please follow thesse steps:
– Log in to phpMyAdmin.
– In the menu, select the database to be backed up.
– Click on export.
– Click on OK.
– Store the resulting SQL file in a safe location.

Creating backups of other Tradumanager files
It is recommended to also backup your quote and invoice template files (stored in Tradumanager directory\templates. Alternatively, you can backup the entire Tradumanager directory.

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